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Upcoming Events

As a club we vote to endorse candidates in the Democratic primaries and the next one is in March, 2018. We will vote on endorsements at our February meeting. In order to vote you must be a member of the club by January 15.
We will hold series of forums before the start of the Democratic Primaries to allow our members to
make informed choices.  We are fortunate to have
candidates running in almost every seat that is up and
in a number we do have more than one candidate
running.  These forums are an opportunity for members
to see the candidates in contested primaries at every
level from Judge, County Chair, District Attorney,
State Representative, State Senate and US House.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a member by January 15, 2018 in order to vote and endorse a candidate.  Our memberships are on a calendar year basis, and membership for 2018 is payable any time from now on. 
You must be a member 28 DAYS BEFORE the endorsement vote is taken in our February meeting, although you can join the club anytime during the year. 
We are grateful to all of our members for their support.

Neighborhood Walk for Beto!
Please join to block walk for Beto!

Saturday Dec. 9 - Carrollton  
There will be a 10am brief training at McDonalds and then you will be put into pairs and assigned specific areas Covering the Southeast quadrant of Carrollton:
Starting point:
Cafe de Brazil
2510 N Josey Ln, Carrollton, TX 75006

Please register here so we can plan ahead for our routes.

Saturday Dec. 16 - Carrollton  
There will be a 10am brief training at McDonalds and then you will be put into pairs and assigned specific areas Covering the Northeast quadrant of Carrollton, largely in Denton County:
Meeting at:
4125 N Josey Ln, Carrollton, TX 75007
(972) 395-9066
Please register here so we can plan ahead for our routes.

Saturday Dec. 16 -
2 PM to 4 PM
Meeting at:
Nico's Mexican Cantina
4101 E Renner Rd, Richardson, TX 75082
Please register here so we can plan the route for our walk.

SnowmanFriday Dec. 15  

Metrocrest Democrats Christmas Party

We will have our annual holiday get together party with fellow club members and friends.

Please check back for details.

Interesting Articles

A History of why the US is the only
rich country without universal health care

By: Annalisa Merelli

"Currently, the US spends two to three times as much
per capita on health care as most industrialized countries.

Of this burden, an estimated two thirds falls on the government’s shoulders, when one accounts for
entitlements (Medicare and Medicaid), the cost of health insurance for government workers, and tax credits that subsidize private insurance plans for other people.
“Most Americans have publicly funded health care,”
either in full or in part,says David Himmelstein,
professor of public health at CUNY and author of the
estimate. “The government spends much more than
other countries, but it’s an opaque system.”
The government’s role is mostly to subsidize the
astronomical costs set by the for-profit market.

Many Americans think their system is expensive because
it’s very good. They are wrong: The US ranks 28th,
below almost all other rich countries, when it comes to
the quality of its healthcare assessed by UN parameters ...
Read full article

The Atlantic, July/August 2017 issue

What’s Wrong With the Democrats?
If the party cares about winning, it needs to learn how to appeal to the white working class.

By: Franklin Foer

How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration
In the past decade, liberals have avoided inconvenient truths about the issue.

By: Peter Beinart

Mike Collier for
Lieutenant Governor of Texas 2018

Mike Collier photo
Texas needs a leader who will hold the politicians
accountable and stand up for every single one of us.

Kim Olson for
Texas Commissioner of Agriculture 2018

Kim Olson for Agriculture Commissioner

Kim Olson, Colonel, USAF, Retired
Protect our most precious resources:
land, water, and people;
one grain, drop, and Texan at a time.

Kim Olson farmer, veteran, pilot and champion of education,
is dedicated to influencing the future of sustainable food
production through her Community Supported Agriculture
at the 4K River Ranch, Mineral Wells, Texas.

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Mission Statement
The mission of the Metrocrest Democrats is to advance the success of the Democratic Party throughout suburban Northwest Dallas and South Eastern Denton Counties by promoting
active civic participation, educating on values
and issues, and supporting candidates
for elective office
for questions and comments.

For Election-Related Information in
Dallas County these are the websites:

Make sure you are registered to vote at
your Current Address and that
all your friends are too.

To check your voter registration status
click here

Update on
DART Cotton Belt
Rail Line in Coppell

by: Terry Barker (Precinct Chair 2806)
Sept. 19, 2017

"To all Coppell Friends,

Tonight I attended the DART Cotton Belt Rail Line community meeting in Carrollton. In a similar one I attended in May, DART presented 2 possibilities of (1) going straight through Coppell on the existing rail tracts to DFW Airport or (2) detouring South into Cypress Waters.

I talked with John Hoppie, DART’s Project Manager, who lives at 709 Cresthaven Road in Coppell, to get specific information as it affects Coppell.

The meeting tonight presented an update to DART’s plan.

1. The Cotton Belt line will be a 24 mile line from Plano to DFW Airport following the existing Cotton Belt railroad tracts with 4 exceptions. They are at DFW Airport, in Coppell, downtown Carrollton, and on the extreme East end in Plano.

2. From Carrollton West into Coppell, the existing tracts run parallel to Belt Line.

3. The DART line will follow the existing tracks at grade level across Fairway and MacArthur. The grade level crossings through Coppell will probably be designated “Quite Zones” meaning the train horn will not sound when approaching. DART will upgrade the crossing arms to ensure traffic cannot drive around them when the train is coming.

4.In Coppell at Belt Line and Moore Road, new tracts will be laid to go Southwest across Belt Line into Cypress Waters which is City of Dallas.

5.A new DART Rail Station will be built in Cypress Waters just South of Belt Line. There will be a new street from Belt Line to the DART station.

6.The new tracks will continue from the DART Station West essentially parallel to Belt Line crossing Sanders Loop just North of Chase Bank.

7.The new tracks will cross Belt Line after it turns South at Southwestern where the old NAPA Auto Parts store is. I think it was last a taco shop.

8. The portion of the tracks across Sanders Loop and Belt Line will be elevated above grade so as not to degrade heavy traffic on Belt Line.

9. The new tracks will continue West and cross Southwestern at Soto’s Auto Repair Shop.

10. The new tracks will rejoin the existing tracks at South Coppell Road.

11. The old tracts from Moore Road to South Coppell Road will continue to be used by freight trains.

12. DART will follow the old tracts into DFW Airport.

13. The NAPA building and Soto’s are being acquired by DART under Eminent Domain as well as some other property for the new tracks.

14. There will generally be a 100 foot Right of Way for the DART rail line.

15.The NCTCOG (North Central Texas Council of Governments) is considering adding a trail (walking, running, biking, etc.) along the Cotton Belt Line. The City of Coppell would connect its current trail system in Brown Park to Irving’s Champion Trail system.

16. Since the City of Coppell has never been a DART member, it will not support the DART line with a DART sales tax, however, Coppell City Council will make a significant contribution to DART for the rail line. Part of that contribution will be property the City of Coppell owns in Cypress Waters and property CISD owns there.

17. DART is planning for the new rail line to be in operation at the end of 2020."

Voter Registration Drive

Why Are Millions of Citizens
Not Registered to Vote?

A survey of the civically unengaged finds
they lack interest, but
outreach opportunities exist

Article by:
The Pew Charitable Trusts/ Research & Analysis

For full article click here

"More than 40% of the unregistered cared who would
win the presidency in 2016, and some indicated that
they could be motivated to register in the future,
though many also feel that the voting process does
not affect the way governing decisions are made.
These findings suggest that opportunities exist to
engage segments of the unregistered population,
including through consistent outreach at motor vehicle agencies as required under the NVRA and
public education campaigns designed to highlight
the significance of individual voter participation to
election outcomes and the connection between
local policies and issues these citizens care about,
such as those for which they volunteer
in their communities.
Less than 20 percent of this group has been asked
to register by a state agency, and a substantial
increase in that figure could help to improve
registration rates and electoral participation among
these disconnected citizens."

ResistX, is a non-profit that facilitates
awareness of upcoming
political demonstrations via
texts and emails

Know Your Rights:
What To Do If Your Rights Are Violated
at a Demonstration or Protest

See this ACLU link

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