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Upcoming Events

Monday August 13
Metrocrest Democrats Meeting

Please join us at:
"New New Buffet",
3822 Belt Line Rd., Addison, TX 75001.
(Southeast corner of Marsh Lane and Beltline Rd. at
the east end of the shopping area that includes Kroger.)

Come anytime after 6:00pm for a dutch treat supper and the meeting will start at 7:00pm

We will have the speaker who missed our month of June meeting* Sam Martin at this meeting.

Sam (Stephanie A) Martin is the Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at SMU, and frequent contributor
on local television networks.  Her research focuses
particularly on Evangelical Christians who share a worldview about who the country once was and so should be again. 
Her research sheds light on this group's relative lack of
support for the Obama presidency as well as their surprising embrace of Donald Trump.  She will discuss messaging
as it is used to manipulate this group of voters into
supporting Trump.

* Professor Martin somehow confused the dates when
entering the info on her calendar between the May and June meeting, in spite of an accurate reminder, which was why
she missed our last meeting. We were fortunate to have
David Griggs present to help fill us all in on the convention, which was a great event.

Please Note:
For anyone interested we will still have few BETO yards signs available for sale ($5.00ea) at this meeting, and if we run out, we will bring more to our next meeting.
You can also call or text
Mary Clare at (972) 839-9600 to get them.

Price is the cost from the Beto campaign.

Kim Olson
Telling it like it is!
Kim Olson Speaking

May 30, 2018
Kim Olson for Commissioner of Agriculture
Speaking live from Boerne, Texas

Primary Runoff Results

Texas Governor
Lupe Valdez

District Judge, Judicial District 68

Martin Hoffman

District Judge, Judicial District 193
Bridgett Whitmore

Judge Court At Law No. 4
Paula Rosales

Judge Criminal Court of Appeals No. 2
Pamela Luther

For more detail results see here

Interesting Articles

The Atlantic, March 17, 2018 issue
Is America on the Verge of a
Constitutional Crisis?

As the Trump presidency approaches a troubling tipping point, it’s time to find the right term for what’s happening to democracy.

By:Quinta Jurecic and Ben Jamin Wittes
A History of why the US is the only
rich country without universal health care

By: Annalisa Merelli

"Currently, the US spends two to three times as much
per capita on health care as most industrialized countries.

Of this burden, an estimated two thirds falls on the government’s shoulders, when one accounts for
entitlements (Medicare and Medicaid), the cost of health insurance for government workers, and tax credits that subsidize private insurance plans for other people.
“Most Americans have publicly funded health care,”
either in full or in part,says David Himmelstein,
professor of public health at CUNY and author of the
estimate. “The government spends much more than
other countries, but it’s an opaque system.”
The government’s role is mostly to subsidize the
astronomical costs set by the for-profit market.

Many Americans think their system is expensive because
it’s very good. They are wrong: The US ranks 28th,
below almost all other rich countries, when it comes to
the quality of its healthcare assessed by UN parameters ...
Read full article

The New York Times, Jan. 27, 2018
How Wobbly Is Our Democracy?

If partisan polarization continues to intensify,
checks and balances will not save us.

By Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt

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Mission Statement
The mission of the Metrocrest Democrats is to advance the success of the Democratic Party throughout suburban northwest Dallas and
southeast Denton Counties by promoting
active civic participation, educating on values
and issues, and supporting candidates
for elective office
for questions and comments.

For Election-Related Information
in Dallas County these are the websites:

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all your friends are too.

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County Election Contacts

Dallas County: 214-819-6300

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For more help, including how to check your registration status, contact the
Texas secretary of state at
1-800-252-8683 or

Most current information
about the Rail Line
as it affects our area cities.


Cotton Belt Corridor

Voter Registration Drive

Why Are Millions of Citizens
Not Registered to Vote?

A survey of the civically unengaged finds
they lack interest, but
outreach opportunities exist

Article by:
The Pew Charitable Trusts/ Research & Analysis

For full article click here

"More than 40% of the unregistered cared who
would win the presidency in 2016, and some
indicated that they could be motivated to
register in the future, though many also feel
that the voting process does not affect the
way governing decisions are made.
These findings suggest that opportunities
exist to engage segments of the unregistered
population, including through consistent
outreach at motor vehicle agencies as
required under the NVRA and
public education campaigns designed to
highlight the significance of individual voter participation to election outcomes and
the connection between local policies
and issues these citizens care about,
such as those for which they volunteer
in their communities.
Less than 20 percent of this group has
been asked to register by a state agency,
and a substantial increase in that figure
could help to improve registration rates and
electoral participation among these
disconnected citizens."

ResistX, is a non-profit that facilitates
awareness of upcoming
political demonstrations via
texts and emails

Know Your Rights:
What To Do If Your Rights Are Violated
at a Demonstration or Protest

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